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How to Connect a Phone From the Terminal Block

A telephone in a home relies on a telephone line to connect to the telephone system outside the house. You can connect a phone to the terminal block that the outside telephone line is wired to. To do this, you need to install a telephone block connector inside a wall of the house. You also need to pull the wires from the terminal block through the walls to where the block connector is to be installed. A few supplies from a hardware store will be needed, as well as some common household tools.Plastic Box , Plastic Box , Plastic Waterproof Enclosure , Hand-held Enclosure


  • Place a stud finder against the wall, above the baseboard, to make sure that there are no electrical junction boxes inside the wall where you want to install the telephone block connector. Cut out a square in the wall with the saw that is an inch larger on all sides than the telephone block connector. Smooth the inside edges of the wall with medium-grit sandpaper. Clean the edges of the wall and the floor with a moistened paper towel to remove the loose dust generated by the cutting.

  • 2

    Attach one end of a "fishing" wire to the end of the telephone cable that is on the telephone cable spool -- you can tape the ends together with masking tape or duct tape.

  • 3

    Place the "fishing" wire inside the cutout and run it down, through through the floor until it hits the ceiling of the basement where the terminal block is located.

  • 4

    Drill a hole in the basement ceiling directly beneath the cutout with a portable drill. Use the beam of a flashlight to find the end of the "fishing" wire that is inside the ceiling.

  • 5

    Grip the end of the "fishing" wire with the jaws of a needle-nose pliers. Pull the wire out through the hole and run it down the wall, across the floor and over to the terminal block -- you can staple the telephone cable to the baseboard of the wall with staples from a stapler gun.

  • 6

    Remove the tape holding the wire and the telephone cable together.

  • 7

    Slit three inches in on the outer insulation of the telephone cable with the blade of a utility knife. Peel the insulation back with your hands and separate the wires that are now revealed from one another. Strip a half inch of insulation from the ends of the red and green wires with a wire strippers.

  • 8

    Loosen the two horizontal screws on one of the terminal plates that are on the terminal block with a Phillips jeweler's screwdriver. Wind the exposed end of the red wire around the leftmost screw on the terminal plate. Wind the exposed end of the green wire around the rightmost screw on the terminal plate. Tighten the screws.

  • 9

    Return to the cutout you have made in the wall. Cut the telephone cord from the telephone cord spool with the blade of the utility knife. Prepare the end of the telephone cord in the same manner as was done with the terminal block.

  • 10

    Run the end of the telephone cord through the hole from the back of the telephone block connector. Loosen the top left and right screws on the connector with a Phillips screwdriver. Wind the exposed ends of the red and green wires around the top left and top right screws. Tighten the screws.

  • 11

    Place the telephone block connector in the cutout so that it is held in position by friction. Screw a wood screw through the top and bottom tabs in the connector with a Phillips screwdriver.

  • 12

    Place a cover plate on the connector. Screw the cover plate to the connector with a screw using a Phillips screwdriver. Insert the modular plug from a telephone into the modular socket at the center of the cover plate.


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