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Plastic Box , Plastic Box , Plastic Waterproof Enclosure , Hand-held Enclosure

Materials Specifications




(ABS, butadiene, cinnamene


Intoxicity£¨smellessness, low moisture absorption, ease to shape, ability to galvanize, spraying coating, stiffness, excellent rigidity, stable dimensions, low contraction and moderate price.

Low temperature of thermal deformation(resistance to high temperature©É70°ś,resistance to low temperature -40°ś),vulnerable to long duration exposure, depigmentation and fissuration, solubility in aldehyde, ketone, vinegar.



Resistance to punch, excellent tenacity, high transparency, resistance to creeping, stable dimensions (little change with temperature, depth, environment), excellent self-extinguishing at the internal temperature up to 110°ś, low moisture absorption, excellent resistance to inflammation and electrical insulation.

Dishescence during high internal force, infusion moulding rate of PC is less than that of ABS(ABS is possible to be added.)


(polyamide, nylon) 

Wear-resistance, high tenacity, intoxicity, resistance to cold and corrosivity, low coefficient of friction, ease to shape, resistance to the temperature up to 180°ś.

High moisture absorption, poor stability of dimensions, necessity to improve by filling and enforcing.



High crystallinity, high rigidity, excellent resistance to punch creeping and fatigue; outstanding self-lubrication, and wear-resistance and resistance to chemical.

Relatively large volume contraction during  transforming from melting to solid, poor thermal stability  when copolymerizing with formaldehyde, it is not appropriate to put the material long in the material chamber of the moulding machine, otherwise the decomposition will be caused, bubbling during melting, leading to yellowing and degrading mechanical strength.

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