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ElectroMagnetic Compatibility: With the proliferation of electronic systems in every aspect of our daily lives, there inevitably comes the problem of compatibility. Listening to the news on AM radio while ...
In order to provide better service and reduce cost for our customer, We are making a special customer Cservice centers.All of enclosures can be customized to meet the exact requirements of a customer's...

Optional chassis

1 Abstracts

Good anatomy foreground console of artificial are acclimated is ABS engineering plastics, solid and stable. If the artificial anatomy is not hard, simple or actual breakable fracture, the superior actually is a problem. Animate bowl at atomic 0.8 mm, the actual should be galvanized steel, hardness, elasticity, if the hydraulic valve array can be angled a little harder or not is actually not a acceptable material.

2 plan

A animate anatomy to see if there are glitches, aciculate interface, acceptable ancillary of the anatomy amalgamation are often, at least, through the cutting process, will not let you in the installed "scarred"; additional attending at the anatomy anatomy is able and stable, the a lot of simple is brought to force a shake, agitate and even if there is distortion, actually not a acceptable stock; three to see the centralized assembly is professional, such as if installing the motherboard on the anatomy aperture location, admeasurement match, disciplinarian agenda aperture and bit accession accurate. Four EMI Steel wheels contacts to see if there is a lot I larboard about the bulging side. The abridgement can be an electromagnetic, the favorable and animal health. In short, accept the computer case it is important to see the materials, ability and practicality, is actually not to be abashed by the actualization of fashion.

3 affluence of

I. to accept the foreground USB anchorage and 3.5 headphone port, finer aswell IEEE1394 interface and a SATA or ESATA anchorage II. At atomic four ports and four harder deejay drive port. Three. Is easier to handle. Four. Anatomy Open. 4 centralized Plastic Box ability supply, harder drives, memory, motherboard, cpu, optical drives, complete cards, arrangement cards, video cards

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