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Plastic shrink (causes and improvement)

Causes improvement
 Lack of increase in the feed into the mold material
 Insufficient increase Plastic Box  in melt melt metering stroke
 Injection pressure is too low injection pressure increase
 Packing pressure is not enough to improve security
 Injection time, injection time is too short to extend
 Injection increased firing rate is too slow
 Gate asymmetric adjustment of size or location of the gate
 Nozzle blocked clear split
 Material temperature is too high to reduce the material temperature
 Improper adjustment of the temperature of the mold temperature
 Extend the cooling time is not enough cooling time
 Bad office is Din-rail Enclosure located in the exhaust vent shrink
 Large enough to replace the small feed tube feeding tube specifications
 Screw slip ring wear overhaul
 Uneven thickness of the finished product to increase injection pressure
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