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ElectroMagnetic Compatibility: With the proliferation of electronic systems in every aspect of our daily lives, there inevitably comes the problem of compatibility. Listening to the news on AM radio while ...
In order to provide better service and reduce cost for our customer, We are making a special customer Cservice centers.All of enclosures can be customized to meet the exact requirements of a customer's...

The advantages of plastic packaging

1, easy to shape, as long as the replacement of the mold, you can get different varieties of container, and easy to form high-volume production. Plastic Box

2, the packing effect, the plastic variety, easy to color, bright color, according to the need to produce different types of packaging containers, packaging to achieve the best results.

3, there is good resistance to corrosion, Hand-held Enclosure acid, oil, impact resistance; and have good mechanical strength

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