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What is the Correct Way to Connect a Terminal Block?

       Terminal blocks essentially are insulated blocks that secure two or more wires together and, in so doing, simplify the control of complex electrical circuits. They typically accept a wide range of American Wire Gauge (AWG) wire sizes and wire requires no preparation, except stripping. A Plastic Box , Plastic Waterproof Enclosure


  1. The correct way to connect a terminal block depends partly on the type of terminal block concerned. The three basic types of terminal blocks are screw in, plug in and printed circuit board (PCB).

    Screw In

  2. Screw in terminal blocks are reserved typically for low voltage applications. Wires are screwed directly into the block, with a screwdriver and typically stainless steel screws, so that electrical current flows through the screw and the wire.


  3. PCB terminal blocks, also known as electronic blocks, are physically mounted and soldered onto circuit boards. They are available typically in one or two-tier versions, with a variety of wire entry angles. On a two-tier block, the holes for the wires may be staggered so that they still can be accessed with a screwdriver if the top tier is full.

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